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Using Google Docs at Home with No Internet

posted Dec 8, 2014, 7:33 AM by Joel Parker

Google Docs is a great alternative to Microsoft Office if you don't mind working in your browser, but if you need to work offline, it'd seem at first glance that Google's free web apps won't work for your needs. Think again.

As it turns out, if you're using the Chrome browser, with just a few quick steps you can get Google Docs working wherever you need to—including offline. It'll still run in your browser, but it'll work whether you're offline or online, and will still keep your changes saved online whenever you reconnect.

In this tutorial I'll show you a couple of ways to use Docs offline, explain how to keep your documents in sync, and how to use the files from multiple Google accounts on the same computer, plus the limitations of using the service offline that you need to be aware of.

Taking Docs Offline